Devlog 11/9/2017

Greetings once again! It's Jeremy here bringing you the weekly update on game progress.

Today, we feature the music of Mender's Strife!

As some of you may know, when we began creating this game, it was mainly to make fun of the running clichés that are seen throughout the RPG genre. It's not that this part of it has been completely abandoned, we've just started integrating it in a more subtle way in support of the more serious story we'll be presenting to you.

When I began writing the music, though, the idea as to make it as reminiscent of other 8-bit video games as well. That vision has not changed, and in fact we have taken it a step further. Tom Miller, the chiptune God as I refer to him, has signed on and has begun to take my original compositions and arrange them in the chiptune style.... and... he's done an amazing job. He's also contributed some rather amazing original compositions.

Most recently, he's arranged the victory theme (titled "It Plays for the Winner" in the DEMO OST attached to this post). Take a listen to the original and then take a listen to Tom's arrangement HERE.

You can check out more of Tom's arrangements by downloading Demo 1.1 (conveniently attached to this post as well). It features quite a bit of the soundtrack in style that we are going for.  Demo 2.0 will feature the entire demo OST in the chiptune style. We can't wait to share that with you!

As always, if you have any questions, please comment here and we'll be glad to answer them!

Catch ya later!


Mender's Strife Original DEMO Mockup OST (Zip File) 44 MB
Oct 19, 2017
Mender's Strife Demo 1.1 (Zip File) 115 MB
Oct 19, 2017

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